What does the patent document contain?

The patent document consists of a title page, where bibliographic data is provided and, if applicable, a summary of the subsequent pages, where we can find a description of the invention and drawings (if included). The drawings show the details of the invention (sometimes also any prior art), and together with the description are intended to facilitate the understanding of its essence, whereas the patent claims define the scope of patent protection.

After the patent is granted, it is entered into the (public) patent register kept by the patent office (in Poland, patents are announced by their publication in the Bulletin of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland).

Which section of the patent document defines the scope of the invention?

The section of a patent document that defines the scope of the invention is the “Claim set” section. The claim set specifies the metes and bounds (i.e., scope) of the patent protection afforded under the patent. It is typically located at the back of the patent document and begins with a phrase like “I Claim,” “We Claim,” or “What is claimed is.” The claims in this section particularly point out and distinctly claim the subject matter that the inventor regards as their invention


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