EU Funds


Obtaining funds from EU subsidies maybe a milestone in the development of companies and projects run by various institutions. For this reason, JWP Patent Attorneys support companies, universities, and organizations specializing in preparing EU funding applications. We provide support in preparing those sections which are related to industrial property, as part of such programmes as the Intelligent Development Operational Programme, the Eastern Poland Operational Programme, and other regional programmes.

We cooperate with consultants who have longstanding experience in preparing subsidy applications and obtaining EU funds, providing comprehensive services, and supporting applicants in running projects financed from public funds. To find out how to obtain EU and local funding, you can watch our partner Crido Taxand’s video blog.

Our services:

  • IP due diligence for the purposes of the project
  • state-of-the-art research carried out to establish the innovativeness of the invention and identify competitors in the sector
  • carrying out patentability studies
  • conducting infringement clearance tests for the solution being developed or brought to the market
  • carrying out paid and searches to preliminarily assess the risk of any infringement of exclusive rights
  • conducting research and monitoring of utility models and industrial designs
  • drawing up study reports encompassing the elements required by the project
  • developing intellectual property protection strategies
  • drawing up patent descriptions and application documentation for inventions and utility models, industrial designs, and trademarks, and conducting application proceedings in Poland and abroad
  • preparing estimates of the costs required for obtaining and maintaining intellectual property rights within the project, which is an element of the cost estimate for the financial part of the application
  • drawing up contracts and regulations defining the relations between the entities participating in the R&D part of the project
  • drawing up license agreements and agreements on transfer of exclusive rights
  • attending proceedings before patent offices to invalidate rights and before courts in cases of intellectual property rights infringements
  • carrying out negotiations and mediations at every stage of the project

Our partners:

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Our team of advisors will provide comprehensive assistance. You may rely on our knowledge and experience.
The success in our cooperation requires efficient communication and dialogue. Let us know how can we help you?

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Holiday notice

Our office will remain closed for public holidays on 1 and 3 May 2024. Moreover, on 2 May our workforce will be reduced

24 April 2024

EPO fees update

European Patent Office has announced fees increase as of April 1, 2024. Even 30% reduction in all main fees in patent grant procedure for: – micro-enterprises, – natural persons, –…

11 March 2024

WTR 1000 2024!

The WTR 1000 ranking is an independent publication recommending companies and individual professionals in the field of trademark protection in 80 countries around the world. The lists are based on…

21 February 2024

Holiday Notice

Our office will remain closed for public holidays on 25 and 26 December 2023 and 1 and 2 January 2024. Moreover, from 27 December to 29 December our workforce will…

12 December 2023

#JWPBlog – Patents for production optimisation

In times of high competition and high market saturation, one way to increase efficiency and improve the quality of production is to optimise production processes. Optimisation of production processes consists…

27 September 2023

Holiday notice

Due to the public holiday on August 15, our offices will be closed and on August 14, we will work with a significantly reduced staff.

11 August 2023


On Wednesday, 21.06.2026, Tomasz Grucelski, patent & trademark attorney, advocate and Partner at our law firm received the main award of IP STARS (Managing IP) in one of the most…

22 June 2023

JWP in IP STARS 2023 ranking!

Fantastic news from the organizers of the IP STARS ranking! Our experts were again awarded in many key categories this year! Read >>

01 June 2023

Holiday notice

Due to the National Holiday on May 1 and 3 our offices will be closed. On May 2 we will work in significantly reduced number of people.

26 April 2023

#JWPBlog – Russia, what next for our trademarks?

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the European Union, the US and also Poland imposed sanctions on Russia, including economic sanctions. Many companies and entrepreneurs having their trademarks in force on…

12 December 2022

JWP in Rising Stars ranking

On October 3, 2022, Managing Intellectual Property magazine announced the results of the Rising Stars ranking, which promotes talented young practitioners dealing with the protection of intellectual property. This year,…

06 October 2022

Another award for JWP!

We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised by The Patent Lawyer Magazine as one of the top 10 law firms in Poland! It is a great joy…

26 July 2022

2022 Annual Meeting Live+

Dorota Rzazewska and Tomasz Grucelski will take part in INTA 2022 Annual Meeting Live+ in Washington, D.C. on April 30-May 4. If you want to meet us there, make an…

23 March 2022

30 years of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys

We will celebrate our double Anniversary, namely the 30th Anniversary of JWP and the 10th Anniversary of JWP Foundation, together with our Clients, Partners and friends throughout the year. A…

22 February 2022

Holiday notice

Due to the holiday season our offices will be closed on 24th and 31st of December 2021 and on 6th and 7th of January 2022. Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Season!

14 December 2021

New partners in JWP

The protection of intellectual property rights in times of globalisation and dynamic technological development is a must and one of essential business needs. While offering top quality services, JWP has…

23 July 2021

IAM Patent 1000

Our clients once again gave us excellent opinions, in the IAM Patent 1000 ranking recently published by the Intellectual Asset Management magazine. “JWP is incredibly efficient: its correspondence is always…

14 July 2021

Poland: Intellectual Property

We are pleased to announce that The Legal 500: Intellectual Property Country Comparative Guide is now live. Our colleagues, Dorota Rzążewska, Helena Gajek, Tomasz Grucelski, and Tomasz Gawliczek were invited as authors to…

05 July 2021

Our IP Stars

We are pleased to share that our colleagues have been awarded the IP Stars accolade in the worldwide IP law firms and practitioners rankings by the Managing Intellectual Property Magazine….

23 June 2021

JWP in The Legal 500

The Legal 500 ranking is one of the most respected studies on law firms. This year’s guide for the EMEA region covered over 80 countries and over 2,700 law firms….

15 April 2021

Patent Litigation in Poland Guide

We recommend taking a look at Patent Litigation in Poland Guide written by Dorota Rzazewska and Helena Gajek. Why is it worth reading? – comfortably redacted as a Q&A –…

22 January 2021

Holiday notice

Due to the holiday season our offices will be closed on 24th, 25th, 26th of December 2020 and on 1st and 6th of January 2021. Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday…

09 December 2020

Izydor – hand protection

Today, in times of a pandemic, we are looking for solutions to new problems, including limiting virus transmission. So disinfection, distance, masks, or maybe … something new? Polish inventors have…

06 November 2020

Dorota Rzążewska in WTR’s Global Leaders

World Trade Review (WTR) unveiled the second edition of Global Leaders, in which top trademark specialists share critical insights into the strategic management of trademarks as well as their leadership…

15 September 2020

Patent litigation in Poland

The new article by Dorota Rzążewska and Helena Gajek  is available on Thomson Reuter Practical Law. In it you will find an overview of issues relating to patent litigation in…

14 August 2020

#BlogJWP – May the force be with you!

Star Wars significantly contributed to our culture, but the saga not only offers good entertainment, but has also helped to develop many effective solutions protected by exclusive rights. Check which…

28 May 2020

Happy World IP Day!

The World IP Day, 26th April, will be celebrated in JWP Patent and Tradmark Attorneys with on-line consultations held by our experts (on Monday, 27.04.). We are very happy to…

24 April 2020

URGENT UPDATE! EPO extends time limits again

On April 16, 2020 EPO issued the “Notice from the European Patent Office dated 16 April 2020 concerning the disruptions due to the COVID-19 outbreak”, in which it announced that…

17 April 2020

Offices closed on 13th April and 1st May

Dear Clients and Friends due to the upcoming holidays, we would like to remind you that on 13.04.2020 and 01.05.2020 the offices of the JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys will…

09 April 2020

International Conscience Day

#InternationalConscienceDay – JWP Team is sending out the message of peace, tolerance and solidarity to the world’s family of intellectual property and wholehearted support to those fighting on the first…

06 April 2020

Happy Birthday JWP!

JWP is 28 years old! Although we celebrate in difficult times, we want to thank our Clients, Employees and Partners, who made our success real. We have grown from two-man…

01 April 2020

JWP among EUIPO Top3 e-users

EUIPO published a ranking of the most active e-users in submitting online applications in Q4 2019. The JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys moved up to Poland Top 3 most active representatives. …

19 March 2020

EPO and EUIPO extend the terms

EPO and EUIPO have announced the terms at both institutions will be extended due to obstructions caused by the COVID-19. The EPO decided to apply extraordinary measures provided in the…

16 March 2020

JWP information on work continuity

Following the official guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Poland, all oral hearings before common courts and the Polish Patent Office have been cancelled until the end of…

16 March 2020

IP protection after Brexit

From tomorrow, the European Union will have 27 countries. We say goodbye to Great Britain. BREXIT is a challenge at numerous levels, especially where the law is strongly harmonised within…

31 January 2020

JWP office closure on November 11

We would like to kindly inform you that on November 11, on the Polish National Independence Day, the JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys office will be closed.

06 November 2019

Test the trademark watching

Don’t want another company to register a trademark which is identical or similar to yours? Interested in what the competition does in the area of trademark protection? We encourage you…

29 October 2019

Key 5G technology-related patents

Consumer demand shapes the development of broadband mobile services. The International Telecommunication Union estimates that mobile internet traffic will rise by 10 to 100 times between 2020 and 2030. The…

09 October 2019

One fake product per EU resident

EUIPO and the European Commission recently published new reports on intellectual property infringements. They show that although the number of seizures of counterfeit products has been decreasing since 2014, the…

08 October 2019

Novelty – Why It Is So Important In Patents?

The word ‘novelty’ is used in everyday speech in various contexts, therefore it can be understood in many different ways, depending on the circumstances. In industrial property law, the word…

04 October 2019

JWP at MARQUES 2019 Annual Conference

The 33rd annual MARQUES conference was held in Dublin. Our law firm was represented by Magdalena Maksimowska, patent attorney and head of the Trademarks and Industrial Designs team. Brands in…

20 September 2019

EUIPO Observatory plenary meeting in Alicante

Tomasz Grucelski, advocate, patent attorney and JWP Partner will participate in the annual plenary meeting of the EUIPO Observatory as only representative of the ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association). The…

19 September 2019

Let’s meet at BIO 2019 in Philadelphia!

JWP patent attorneys, Dorota Rzazewska and Iwona Płodzich-Hennig will take part in 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. From June 3rd to 6th, over 16,000 participants from all over the world meet for intensive networking and to discover…

31 May 2019

Let’s meet at BIO 2019 in Philadelphia!

JWP patent attorneys, Dorota Rzazewska and Iwona Płodzich-Hennig will take part in 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. From June 3rd to 6th, over 16,000 participants from all over the…

31 May 2019

INTA 2019 – meet us in Boston!

We kindly inform that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is joining the INTA Annual Meeting in Boston, which will take place from 18th May to the 22nd May 2019. Our…

03 April 2019

SPC MW – A New Privilege For Generics Producers?

The pharmaceutical industry is divided into two categories of manufacturers: original drug companies and generics companies. Original drug manufacturers are usually those who first look for new molecular targets that…

29 March 2019

AIPPI World Congress – Cancun 2018

We are pleased to inform that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys – Dorota Rzążewska and Joanna Janoszek – will participate in AIPPI World Congress – Cancun 2018 from 23rd to 26th…

20 September 2018

AIPPI World Congress – Cancun 2018

We are pleased to inform that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys – Dorota Rzążewska and Joanna Janoszek – will participate in AIPPI World Congress – Cancun 2018 from 23rd to…

20 September 2018

ECJ ruling in the Renckhoff case

It’s impossible to imagine social media and websites without numerous photos, images and graphics plastered all over them. Indeed, using and sharing photos today is easier than ever. However, as…

03 September 2018

Three-dimensional printing

Do you need a cup? A bottle cap? A spinal implant? A gun? Buy the equipment, materials and get to work. Nowadays, all of this can be created using 3D…

28 August 2018

Scent of Play-Doh registered as a US trademark

Hasbro succeeded in registering the smell of children Play-Doh in the United States. This information become publicly known just after the US Patent and Trademark Office officially confirmed registration of…

16 August 2018

A Chinese tiger in the shackles of law

China is slowly opening to a change in the approach to the assessment of violations of intellectual property. However, global companies with recognizable brands in their portfolio still encounter difficulties…

30 July 2018

BIO International Convention 2018

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is joining BIO International Convention 2018 in Boston. Our team will be represented by Dorota Rzążewska – Managing Partner|Attorney at Law|European Patent & Trademark Attorney…

30 May 2018

BIO International Convention 2018

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is joining BIO International Convention 2018 in Boston. Our team will be represented by Dorota Rzążewska  – Managing Partner|Attorney at Law|European Patent & Trademark Attorney and Piotr Godlewski  – Patent…

30 May 2018

IP Case Law Conference 2018

IP Case Law Conference 2018 will take place on 7th and 8th May in Alicante. The event will be dedicated to substantive and procedural issues surrounding trade mark and design registration….

30 April 2018

Meet JWP in Seattle!

JWP will be attending the INTA Annual Meeting in Seattle from 19th to 23rd May 2018. We look forward to seeing you there! If you would like to schedule a…

13 April 2018

Meet JWP in Seattle!

JWP will be attending the INTA Annual Meeting in Seattle from 19th to 23rd May 2018. We look forward to seeing you there! If you would like to schedule a…

13 April 2018

EPO fee changes from 1 April 2018

European Patent Office has decided to change number of official fees from 1st April 2018. List of most important alterations: 1) Discontinuation of the reduced search fee for European regional phase…

28 March 2018

JWP welcomes new partners!

We are pleased to announce that our five attorneys have been elected as new partners of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys. The partnership now includes: Dorota Rzążewska – Attorney at Law…

07 March 2018

JWP amidst top representatives in Poland

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has set JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys on the third place among the Polish representative filers of trademark and industrial design applications. According to…

15 November 2017

AIPPI World Congress, Sydney, Australia

AIPPI’s (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) Congress is being held in Sydney and begins on 13th October. AIPPI is concerned with all types of intellectual property rights…

02 November 2017

Image of Chopin in business

There are few images of outstanding representatives of art and culture with their use as scrupulously regulated as that of Fryderyk Chopin. The famous composer with a French-sounding name became…

23 August 2017

JWP na INTA 2017 w Barcelonie

We kindly inform that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys is joining the INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona, which will take place from 20th May to the 24th May 2017. Our…

16 May 2017

Notice of upcoming national holidays

Please be informed that our office will be closed from 1 May 2017 (Monday) to 3 May 2017 (Wednesday) for a public holiday. Official deadlines at the Polish Patent Office falling on those…

26 April 2017

25 years of JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys

The JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys company was established in 1992. For over 25 years, it has been assisting in protection of the intellectual property rights. The jubilee celebrations took place…

06 April 2017

7th Annual MIP International Patent Forum

7th Annual MIP International Patent Forum 2017 will take place on March 8 & 9 in London. The Forum brings together leading IP experts from multiple jurisdictions and industries to discuss and…

07 March 2017

Fake goods under the Christmas tree

According to EUIPO report, 83 billion € and 790 000 jobs are being lost every year across the EU due to counterfeiting and piracy, the victims being not only entrepreneurs,…

07 December 2016

AIPPI World Congress, Milan, Italy

AIPPI’s (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) Congress is being held in Milan and begins on 16th September. AIPPI is concerned with all types of intellectual property rights…

15 September 2016

The European Union reforms trademark protection

The European Parliament approved two legislative acts key for the EU trademark protection system. Their entering into force will further the harmonisation of national regulations and their adaptation to new…

29 December 2015

APAA 2015 in Okinawa

The Asian Patent Attorneys Association 17th General Assembly and 64th & 65th Council Meetings will be held from November 13 – 17, 2015  in Okinawa, Japan. Professional programs will provide…

13 November 2015

IPBC Asia 2015 in Tokio

The third IP Business Congress Asia begins in Tokio on 8th November 2015. Our firm JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys will be represented by Dorota Rzążewska and Piotr Godlewski. IPBC Asia focuses on…

09 November 2015

AIPPI World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

AIPPI’s (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) Congress is being held in Rio de Janeiro and begins on 10th October. AIPPI is concerned with all types of intellectual…

09 October 2015

MARQUES 29th Annual Conference in Vienna

The theme of the MARQUES 29th Annual Conference is Mind the Brand! Psychology of Brands”. Many of the sessions will address different aspects of this question, focusing on the legal…

15 September 2015

JWP participates at 34th Annual ECTA Conference in Hamburg

34th ECTA Annual Conference  begins on 10th June 2015. This year’s meeting entitled “Hamburg – the gateway to the trademark world” will gather altogether a great number of experts in the field of protection of intellectual and industrial property, which will conduct lectures and workshops on: the…

09 June 2015

World IP Day

World Intellectual Property Day [World IP Day] is a holiday established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), celebrated on April 26 every year since 2001. It was established in 2000 and was…

27 April 2015

‘Je suis Charlie’ trademarked?

The attack on the magazine “Charlie Hebdo” sparked an unusual social response. Shocked journalists, politicians, actors and citizens used the slogan “Je suis Charlie” to express solidarity with the victims of the attack as well as opposition to violence and terror. White lettering on a black background quickly became a symbol. Since the dawn of entrepreneurial streak tempts people to…

23 February 2015

Spain loses the unitary patent case

In the opinion dated 18 November 2014,  Advocate General of the Court of Justice – Yves Bot, recommended the Court of Justice of the EU to dismiss the actions of the…

23 February 2015

Welcome to JWP GROUP new websites!

We would like to present new websites of JWP Group (JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys, JWP Attorneys at Law JWP Foundation), so you can quickly find the necessary information you need in a convenient way – using your PC, tablet or smartphone!. All three websites (for each…

03 December 2014

Legal 500 – Patent Litigation Guide

Once again, our experts Dorota Rzążewska, Helena Gajek and Piotr Godlewski contributed to the prestigious publication The Legal 500: Patent Litigation Country Comparative Guide . Our authors have prepared a chapter on patent…

04 November 2021

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