We know the judges of the Unified Patent Court!

21 October 2022

The Unified Patent Court has announced the appointment of 85 judges. As many as 60% of the panel presented are technically qualified judges. This opens up the prospect of swift proceedings and fair sentences. The information was awaited by patent experts from almost every jurisdiction. The judges listed below are soon to begin administrative and organisational work in order to start adjudicating on the day the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court comes into force (1 April 2023).

The UPC will comprise a Court of First Instance and a Court of Appeal. The former will be led by Florence Butin (President of the Court of First Instance) and the latter by Klaus Grabinski (President of the Court of Appeal). The Presidium of the UPC will be completed by two judges from the Court of Appeal, Rian Kalden and Ingeborg Simonsson, and three judges from the Court of First Instance: Camille Lignieres, Ronny Thomas and Peter Tochtermann. Furthermore, Ms Rian Kalden has been elected as Presiding judge of the second panel of the Court of Appeal.

Many of the elected judges already preside over patent cases in UPC member states. Some also work for the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office. Experts from JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys have many a time handled cases in which future UPC judges have also been involved.

The names of the judges appointed to the Unified Patent Court announced yesterday should come as no surprise. Judges such as Dr. Klaus Grabinski and Prof. Peter Blok have been dealing with patent issues from an academic and practical perspective for years. From this it can be anticipated that the decisions by the UPC will be at a high expert level, comments Tomasz Gawliczek, PhD, JWP’s expert on the European unitary patent system.

As far as patent attorneys and entrepreneurs are concerned, it should be uplifting for them to see that the vast majority of appointed judges are technically qualified. In the complicated world of patents relating to, for example, genetic engineering or advanced inventions relating to AI, knowing that your decision is being taken by informed judges who are technically capable of assessing the disputed solution gives a great sense of security, adds Piotr Godlewski, national and European patent attorney.

Full list of the panel of judges in the Unified Patent Court:

UPC legally qualified judges

UPC Court of Appeal

Klaus Grabinski

Patricia Rombach

Françoise Barutel

Peter Blok

Rian Kalden

Emanuela Germano

Ingeborg Simonsson


UPC Central Division Courts of First Instance

Central Division, Paris

Florence Butin

Paolo Catallozzi

Maximilian Haedicke

Tatyana Zhilova



Central Division, Munich

Mélanie Bessaud

Ulrike Voß



UPC local divisions, Courts of First Instance

Local division, Vienna

Walter Schober


Local division, Brussels

Samuel Granata


Local division, Copenhagen



Local division, Helsinki

Petri Rinkinen


Local division, Paris

Carine Gillet

Camille Lignieres


Local division, Düsseldorf

Bérénice Thom

Ronny Thomas


Local division, Hamburg

Sabine Klepsch

Stefan Schilling


Local division, Mannheim

Holger Kircher

Peter Michael Tochtermann


Local division, Munich

Tobias Pichlmaier

Matthias Zigann

Local division, Milan

Pierluigi Perrotti

Alima Zana


Local division, The Hague

Edger Brinkman

Margot Kokke


Local division, Lisbon

Rute Lopes


Local division, Ljubljana

Mojca Mlakar


Nordic-Baltic Regional Division

Kai Härmand

Stefan Johansson


UPC technically qualified judges


Arwed Andreas Burrichter

Eric Enderlin

Paolo Gerli

Krister Karlsson

András Kupecz

Roman Maksymiw

Cornelis Schüller


Chemistry and pharmaceutics

Michael Alt

Kirsikka Etuaho

Renaud Fulconis

John Meidahl Petresen

Stefanie Parchmann

Laure Sarlin

Casper Struve

Steen Wadskov-Hansen

Carola Wagner



Pascal Attali

Eric Augarde

Bertrand Cochet

Grégoire Desrousseaux

Alain Dumont

Dennis Kretschmann

Alessandro Sanchini

Andrea Scilletta

Simon Walker


Mechanical engineering

Michel Abello

Uwe Ausfelder

Koen Callewaert

Giorgio Checcacci

Paolo Ernesto Crippa

Claus Elmeros

Frédéric Gaillarde

Bernard Christiaan Ledeboer

Elisabetta Papa

Martin Schmidt

Uwe Schwengelbeck

Max Tilmann

Marie-Paule Vandeberg

Patrice Vidon

Pascal Lucien Pierre Weber

Stefan Wilhelm



Michael Fleuchaus

Anders Max Hansson

Ulrike Keltsch

Gérard Myon

Dörte Otten-Dünnweber

Andrea Perronace

Christoph Dominik Schober

Patrik Rydman


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