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An invention for which a European patent has been granted must be validated in selected Contracting States of the European Patent Convention in order to be protected effectively. Within three months of the European Patent Office (EPO) publishing information on granting a European patent, the patent holder is obliged to file an application for recognition of patent validity in patent offices of the states in which the patent is to be valid. Detailed requirements of the procedure as well as the practice of European patent validation differs from one contracting state to another. Failure to comply with this procedure within the timeframe in a given state may result in lack of protection for the invention in that country.

The European patent validation services offered by JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys are provided by a specialized team of experts, which includes patent attorneys, specialists, and translators. We provide comprehensive coordination of the activities related to European patent validation in various countries. We also cooperate with a number of trusted foreign partners. This allows us to ensure professional and efficient service to our clients, relieving them of administrative workload, reducing the likelihood of unplanned costs, and minimizing the risk of an inadvertent loss of patent protection. In addition, our clients can use the JWP Online service, which effectively reduces the time required for communication and contains all necessary information, e.g. regarding payment.

The wide-ranging experience of our experts and our professional cooperation with other organizations allow us to complete assignments for our clients in an efficient and timely fashion, both in Poland and abroad.

Our services:

  • specialist translations of European patents reviewed by experts and patent attorneys specialising in a given field
  • professional translations of technical, medical and legal documents
  • coordinating validation proceedings outside Poland in liaison with partnered patent attorneys
  • filing the documentation required by the validation procedure with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (PPO) and paying the required fees
  • handling formalities arising from official Patent Office requests in relation to formal requirements/changing registration data during the validation process
  • drawing up modified translations and filing them with the PPO following the completion of opposition proceedings or limitation of the patent by the EPO
  • obtaining provisional protection
  • obtaining records of open license
  • consulting and assistance in obtaining WIPO Proof


European procedure

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