Copyright starts to apply the moment an original work is created, and is vested on its creator upon establishment of the work without the necessity of meeting any formal requirements. This means that a copyright does not need to be registered and no fees must be paid for the protection arising from it. Copyright provides protection to works, their creators, and owners of economic rights. It ensures effective protection against infringements of moral, economic, and personal rights.

In these times of expanding commercialization of culture and the creative industry, the issue of copyright protection is an area where action using specialist knowledge must be taken. This is why we meet our clients’ growing demand for services in this field. We assist our clients in various copyright-related areas and in enforcing their rights arising from it. Examples include works, publications, and paintings, as well as traditional and digital media.

The JWP Group, comprising both patent attorney’s office and a law firm, provides comprehensive services for copyright protection cases. Thanks to the longstanding experience of our experts and their ability to move across the diverse layers of copyright law, our clients benefit from our legal advice and entrust us with representing their interests before relevant institutions.

Our services:

  • drawing up legal opinions and reports on copyright assignment
  • drawing up contracts regarding copyright and related rights
  • drawing up licensing contracts
  • issuing warning letters in order to achieve swift and amicable dispute resolution
  • conducting lawsuits regarding protection against infringement of personal rights and economic and moral rights
  • protecting creators’ and other entitled persons’ rights both out of court and before courts
  • drawing up copyright protection programs
  • running training courses and workshops on copyright and press law
  • consulting and assistance in obtaining WIPO Proof

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