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The development of the automotive and aviation industry is stimulated by an incessant technological race. High competitiveness in the automotive and aviation industries leads companies in this sector to pay more attention to innovation, providing high-quality of solutions, having and good relations with the buyers of their products.

This is extremely important because automotive and aviation products have a great impact on the quality of everyday life. Consequently, they must be safe and trustworthy for users, which is why they tend to use cutting-edge technological solutions. At the same time, they require a painstakingly developed intellectual property protection strategy focusing primarily on protection of inventions, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, and technology licensing.

We understand that long-term success is more than just advanced technological development. It also requires the choice of suitable legal tools to successfully protect intellectual property and build a competitive advantage. Our team is made up of highly qualified advisors with specialist technical diplomas who understand the needs of the automotive and aviation industries. Therefore, we place great importance on having professional and friendly relations with our clients, thanks to which the benefits resulting from intellectual property protection can be maximized.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • carrying out research on the state of the art, patentability, patent clearance, entity research, monitoring and auditing intellectual property and patent landscape analyses
  • securing patent protection for new technologies in the automotive and aviation industries
  • conducting feasibility studies for licensing and using brands
  • protecting intellectual property rights pertaining to the shapes and designs of vehicles
  • handling disputes regarding inventions and utility models, industrial designs, and trademarks in the automotive industry
  • handling customs cases related to intellectual property protection at the border and combating counterfeiting
  • assisting in cases pertaining to counterfeiting
  • drawing up R&D agreements and technology transfer agreements
  • consulting and assistance in obtaining WIPO Proof

Our experience

We have broad experience of supporting clients in drawing up and filing applications in Poland, the EU, and elsewhere, in accordance with our clients’ needs. We validate patents and file foreign clients’ applications in Poland. We cooperate with leading companies that provide solutions in such areas as vehicle components and sub-components; electrical, electronic, and logical circuits; engines, chassis, as well as various kinds of fittings. We also support companies specializing in travel safety and producers of vehicle and aircraft equipment.

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