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Specialised and technical translations deal with very specific content and require excellent command of a foreign language. The level of required expertise in the field to which the text relates must be much higher than in the case of marketing, literary or copywriting translations.  To have your text translated with its meaning accurately rendered, you need to hand it to experts who are familiar with the specifics of a particular type of translation and, with their many years of experience, will be able to flawlessly reproduce the source text in the target language using correct terminology.

Technical specialised translations – for whom?

We now offer Polish-English, English-Polish, Polish-German, German-Polish, Polish-French and French-Polish translations. Our particular focus is on the medical, electronics, ICT, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. In particular, we offer our assistance to entrepreneurs who operate in foreign markets and whose operations require reliable translation supported by many years of expertise and experience.

Technical translations – swift delivery

With considerable experience of our specialists and their professional cooperation with patent attorneys and experts from various fields, our clients can be sure of smooth and timely completion of work they have assigned to us. When it comes to specialised translation assignments, we always take into account our clients’ needs and capabilities and we make every effort to cater for them.

Why invest in technical translations?

Specialised and technical translations involve very specific content that requires a considerably better command of the other language than is the case in, for example, marketing, literary or copywriting translations.  To have your text translated with its meaning accurately rendered, you need to hand it to experts, who are familiar with the specifics of a particular type of translation and, with their many years of experience, will flawlessly reproduce the source text in the target language.

Specialised translation by qualified experts minimises the risks often associated with doing business, e.g. a risk of incorrectly manufactured parts when communicating with a foreign subcontractor, patent invalidation when protecting your invention abroad, or delays to clarify misunderstandings resulting from the incorrect vocabulary used when working on programmes/applications. The key to success is close cooperation between the translator and expert in the field and an almost literal translation without unnecessary interpretation.

The cost of technical translation is actually an investment in avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and confusion in many areas. The quality of translation in the case of specialised texts is crucial. A mere translation will not ensure that the text is reproduced 100% in the target language, with its meaning maintained in every, smallest detail.

In this type of translation, syntax is also a fundamental aspect and the translator working on the text should take an interdisciplinary approach to their task: they should be comfortable with the field they are translating in, seek to address linguistic issues and remember to refrain from unnecessary interpretation of the text.

Technical translations online

You can order and receive translations fully online. After submitting your enquiry via the FORM, you will receive a quote including both the cost of translation and the deadline for its completion. Once you have accepted the quote, the translators get to work and, after a multi-stage process (including technical review, content review with possible corrections and stylistic consistency check), we send the finished text to you electronically. You may communicate your comments during the course of the assignment, but this may affect the deadline for completion of the assignment.

The Team of JWP Translators provides the following services:

  • specialised translations of European patents reviewed by experts and patent attorneys in a specific field
  • professional translation of specialised, technical, medical and legal texts
  • translations of deeds, extracts or licence documents
  • certified translations


To get a quote for a specialised translation, just use the form or contact our translation project coordinators directly:

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Translation Project Coordinator

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Translation Coordination Assistant


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    What are technical specialised translations?

    Technical translations, including those for the purposes of intellectual property protection, involve texts that require knowledge of relevant specialist terminology and industry and legal expertise complemented by experience. Our translation project coordinators ensure the timeliness and appropriate layout of the texts prepared. In this way, we provide clients with a professional and end-to-end service, while reducing the administrative workload and minimising the risk of any unplanned costs.

    Specialised translations are particularly important in the fields involving a high degree of specialisation. With our team, we can provide excellent quality services for all business sectors including medical, biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, ICT, automotive, robotics and electronics, or legal services industries. Technical translations done at JWP, in addition to the translator’s excellent linguistic skills, also require familiarity with the field and knowledge of terminology specific to these texts. Frequently, the documents we translate relate to more than one industry.

    The prices for translations in the market vary widely. Translation agencies usually set their price based on the length, deadline and complexity of the text to be translated. With us, the final cost of translation depends on several factors. The most important ones include the type of service preferred (ordinary translations, certified translations, specialised technical and medical translations, patent translations), the length of the text, the amount of graphic content, the target language and the type of cooperation the client has opted for. The experience and know-how of the person doing the translating is also important. The more detailed, technical and complicated the text, the better it is to entrust it to professionals with a high degree of expertise, which will not only guarantee a faithful rendering of the data, but also ensure that the translated content is properly received in the target language.


    For a quick and free quote, please contact us via form.

    At JWP, texts are translated by a team of professional translators with linguistic background and then reviewed by experts with technical background. These are professionals with years of experience in translating patent documentation for various industries. The quality of the text is an absolute priority and, as for instance in the case of intellectual property protection, it maximizes the chance of obtaining a patent in many foreign markets.

    Translators at JWP work in line with the latest trends in the market, using all possible solutions provided by modern translation technology, and thus setting the highest standard of service delivery. The tools we use to offer patent translation services, in the form of robust translation memories and terminology databases, allow an interdisciplinary approach to each project while relying on experience accumulated over the years.

    By using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, we can ensure that all the translations we produce are always consistent. Making good use of available solutions is our competitive advantage. Our translators have been familiar with them since 2017. Artificial intelligence will not replace humans in the translation process for a long time to come, but the use of commercially available tools based on AI speeds up the translation process.

    In specialised translation, maintaining consistency across the whole text is of great importance. With dedicated CAT tools, the translator can ensure uniformity of translation, using translation memories and terminology databases. At JWP, these have been developed over years of working on texts and created for specific language pairs and specialisations. The highest quality of translation and our ability to effectively obtain patents, protect IP and gain competitive advantage with the help of IP strategies is what makes JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys stand out. With our best specialists in the field and use of modern translation support tools, we can provide top quality services.

    Translators at JWP offer translations of texts from and into English, German and French.

    Numerous translation agencies offer services related to the translation of text from or into English. It is one of the most frequently chosen languages for translation. As it is spoken worldwide, English is often used not only in technical documentation, but also for legal and official matters. Our specialists in technical translations into English include: Paweł Łączyński, Anna Kurpiewska-Welenc, Agnieszka Burzyńska, Edyta Mućko, Paweł Moniak, Aleksandra Wolnicka, Marta Kuziemska, Mateusz Paduch-Cichal, Joanna Oborzyńska and Joanna Ozimek.

    Technical and specialised documentation in French is often received not only by businesses operating in France, but also in other French-speaking countries such as Canada, Belgium or Switzerland. Our specialists in technical translations into French include: Aleksandra Wolnicka, Marta Kuziemska and Paweł Moniak.

    German is the second most commonly requested language when it comes to technical translations. Its characteristic feature is that syntax has a strong influence on the final tone of the translated text. Our specialists in technical translations into German are: Paweł Łączyński, Anna Rybka, Mateusz Paduch-Cichal, Anna Rosa and Joanna Ozimek.

    The beginnings of in-house translations at JWP date back to 2017. It was then that the first translator was employed at JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys. This quickly proved to be an excellent idea and the team of translators grew dynamically over the following months. Translations of patent descriptions were the first type of assignments that JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys largely completed with its own resources. As a further step, we decided to provide our clients with the services in the field of technical and specialised translations. We have gradually developed our linguistic competence dedicated to highly specialised fields.

    For example, if Polish ‘jęczmień’ in a medical text is translated into English as ‘barley’ (plant), the reader being a doctor will not be able to grasp the original meaning, since the lesion in the area of the eye, which is meant here, should be translated as ‘stye’. A similar misunderstanding can be caused by translating German ‘Behälter’ into, e.g., ‘boiler’ and not ‘container’ in the context of washing machines.

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