The fashion industry is no longer just about clothing. Never before has fashion been so accessible and so strongly connected with expressing one’s personality. However, aesthetic and cultural aspects are only a small portion of what makes this industry exceptional. Because of intense competition and the particular vulnerability of fashion products to counterfeiting, intellectual property protection is of vital importance in this sector. Legal assistance is often essential for operators in the fashion industry.

Using legal tools related to intellectual and industrial property allows fashion producers to build successful brand protection strategies, which has a huge influence on the long-term development of companies. This is particularly important for small fashion companies, which spend substantial amounts of money on marketing, often forgetting to secure their rights to the company’s name, logo, or designs.

Thanks to our help, clients are able to avoid this and many other mistakes. We understand the unique nature of the fashion market and thus help fashion brands to protect their exclusive rights.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • developing successful intellectual property protection strategies in Poland, the EU, and worldwide
  • trademark and industrial design search, registration, and monitoring
  • copyright protection and developing strategies for managing rights to the designs of clothes and accessories as well as footwear
  • drawing up agreements and regulations which lay out the rules of cooperation between designers and entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers
  • conducting disputes regarding infringement of industrial designs, trademarks, and copyright with reference to clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories, as well as to combating unfair competition
  • carrying out negotiations related to trading exclusive rights
  • conducting mediations and negotiations in order to resolve disputes amicably
  • assisting with licensing and assigning exclusive rights to industrial designs, trademarks, and copyrights
  • handling customs cases related to intellectual property protection at the border and combating counterfeiting
  • conducting administrative proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP), the Provincial Administrative Court (WSA), and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA), as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and European courts for revocation of rights or declaring them expired
  • consulting and assistance in obtaining WIPO Proof

Our experience

Our extensive portfolio includes clients such as an exclusive Italian clothing brand (litigation, protection against counterfeiting), a leading Polish underwear producer (registration proceedings, disputes, litigation, legal opinions, strategic consulting), and a renowned US producer of high-quality sunglasses (proceedings before the criminal court, customs proceedings related to protection at the border). Moreover, we also conducted a lawsuit on the infringement of intellectual property rights of a renowned French underwear producer against a large retail chain. We also provide legal services to a large group of small and medium-sized Polish clothing producers. Our experience also covers administrative disputes before the Patent Office of the Polish Republic, WSA, and NSA, including a case for revoking a patent on behalf of a motorcycle accessories producer.

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