What are fields of exploitation?

Fields of exploitation are ways of using a work, e.g. printing, selling printed copies, recording, multiplying, magnetic recording, and similar methods of manufacturing multiple copies of a work. Under the Copyright Act the only person entitled to determine the fields of exploitation is the author. Any contract under which the economic rights are sold or assigned or liensed must explicitly specify the fields of exploitation in which the work can be used.

Exploitation of copyright meaning

The exploitation of copyright refers to the utilization of the exclusive rights granted to the owner of a copyright-protected work. Copyright holders have the authority to exploit their works in various ways. Copyright owners can grant licenses to others, allowing them to use the work in a specified manner for a limited period. Licensing is a common approach to maintain control over the work while enabling its use by others. Licensing terms are typically detailed in a contract, which may impose restrictions on how the work can be used. An exclusive license grants exclusive use of the work to a single entity, while a non-exclusive license permits multiple entities to use the work simultaneously. Copyright owners have the right to authorize various activities, such as reproduction, distribution, adaptation, performance, and communication (e.g., broadcasting or online transmission) of their works.


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