Profile of a patent attorney: Superhero in the world of patents and trademarks

Profile of a patent attorney: Superhero in the world of patents and trademarks

22 October 2018

In Germany, there are nearly 4,500 patent attorneys, in Japan over 10,000, and in the United States there are over 40,000 people working in this profession. In Poland, there are just 931 patent attorneys. In the modern world, where innovations and knowledge are more important than ever, patent attorneys truly are indispensable.

The word “innovation” comes up frequently whenever the future development of the Polish economy is discussed. Polish and EU funds are being used to support start-ups, subsidize scientific research, and build technological parks. However, if the novel solutions and innovative products created by these efforts are to benefit Polish inventors and companies, they need to be protected by suitable intellectual and industrial property laws from the moment a scientist or entrepreneur comes up with an idea.

The job of a patent attorney is to provide assistance in matters relating to the legal protection of intellectual property, including inventions, commercial designs, trademarks and industrial designs. A patent attorney is a multidisciplinary specialist, often possessing degrees in multiple fields, who is able to help businesses acquire legal protection for their inventions, commercial designs, trademarks, industrial designs, and other forms of intellectual property. Patent attorneys represent their clients in patent application proceedings and disputes before patent authorities, as well as act on their behalf in court in connection with lawsuits regarding infringement of patents, trademarks, and industrial designs.

In Poland, patent attorneys do not constitute a large professional group. According to the records of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys (PIRP), as of September 2018, only 931 people were authorized to act as patent attorneys. Of that group, 285 people have the title of a European patent attorney, which means they may apply for patents at the European Patent Office (by way of comparison, in Germany there are more than 4,500 European patent attorneys, while in France there are 1,100 and in the UK more than 2,300).

Who is patent attorney

As professional advisors and representatives, patent attorneys provide vital support to entrepreneurs and scientists, especially when the economic system – as is the case in Poland – is in need of new ideas and solutions in order to successfully compete in global markets. Innovations often require significant scientific, financial, and organizational efforts, which is why successful commercialization is required if inventors and investors are to profit from their creations. Studies, analyses, and registration procedures carried out by patent attorneys guarantee thorough protection of innovative solutions and open the door to commercial success.

It is not easy to become a patent attorney. As a first step, candidates are required to obtain a master’s degree in law, technology, or the natural sciences. They then have to complete a three-year professional traineeship and pass a qualifying exam in order to be entered on the official list of patent attorneys. In order to become a European patent attorney, candidates must additionally pass the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) from the European Patent Office (EPO).

Only European patent attorneys are allowed to represent clients before the EPO. It is good practice for firms of all sizes, from large corporations to smaller companies, to use the services of patent attorneys. A well-thought-out strategy for protecting intellectual and industrial property rights enables businesses to build a recognizable brand, launch products on new markets, and successfully commercialize patents, and also helps with numerous other business activities.

Patent attorneys are here to offer their services to you!

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