Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman

European Patent Attorney (EQE)

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Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman specialises in litigation proceedings concerning invalidation of patents before the Polish Patent Office (UPRP) and the European Patent Office (EPO). He also has considerable experience in preparing opinions and handling applications under the domestic, European (EPC) and International (PCT) procedures.

His interests include inventions in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and technology. In addition, he deals with complex, interdisciplinary inventions.

He gained his professional experience in renowned patent agencies. His scientific background is enhanced by his participation in research projects, international conferences and scientific publications.

In 2015 he graduated with a PhD from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Chemistry (with distinction).

  • Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys, Patent Attorney Trainee
  • Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle – CEIPI, Basic Training Course on European Patent Law
  • SUNY University at Buffalo, NY, USA, Department of Chemistry
  • University of Edinburgh, School of Chemistry
  • Warsaw University, Faculty of Chemistry, International Doctoral Projects Program
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Technology of Biologically Active Compounds and Cosmetics
  • Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)
  • PIRP – Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys
  • Synthesis, characterization and photoluminescence of heteroleptic (1-methyl-pyrazole-5-yl)arylborinic 8-oxyquinolinates
    Kliś, T., Durka, K., Kublicki, M., Górska, A., Urban, M., Serwatowski, J., Jankowski, P., Woźniak, K. i Wesela-Bauman, G. [w:] “Tetrahedron Letters” (IF = 2.347), 58, 1185-1189, (2017)
  • Tuning of the colour and chemical stability of model boranils: a strong effect of structural modifications
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Urban M., Luliński S., Serwatowski J. i Woźniak K [w:] Org. Biomol. Chem. (IF = 3.487), 13, 3268-3279, (2015)
  • Efficient 8-oxyquinolinato emitters based on 9,10-dihydro-9,10-diboraanthracene scaffold for applications in optoelectronic devices
    Durka K., Lulinski S., Wesela-Bauman, G., Serwatowski J., Woźniak K., Smetek J., Szczepanik P., Wawrzyniak U. E., Glowacki I., Luszczynska B., Witkowska E. i Wiosna-Salyga G., [w:] Mater. Chem. C, (IF = 4.696), 3, 1354-1364, (2015)
  • Effect of High Pressure on the Crystal Structure and Charge Transport Properties of (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)(4-iodophenyl)borinic 8-oxyquinolinate complex
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Parsons, S., Serwatowski, J. i Wozniak, K. [w:] CrystEngComm (IF = 3.858), 47, 10780–10790, (2014)
  • Charge transfer properties of two polymorphs of luminescent (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)(2,2’-biphenyl)borinic 8-oxyquinolinate
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Lulinski, S., Serwatowski, J. i Wozniak, K. [w:] Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (IF = 4.198), 16, 22762–22774, (2014)
  • Structure-properties relationship in Borinic Systems at high and normal pressure
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Parsons S., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K. [w:] Acta Crystallographica (IF = 2.069), A70, C1264, (2014)
  • Heteroleptic (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)arylborinic 8-oxyquinolinates for the potential application in Organic Light-Emitting Devices
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Ciećwierz, P., Durka, K., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K. [w:] Inorganic Chemistry (IF = 4.601), 52, 10846–10859, (2013)
  • Tartaric acid and its o-acyl derivaties, part 7, crystal structure of o-p-anisoyl-d-tartaric acid and its dimethylammonium salt trihydrate
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Boinski, T., Dominiak, P., Hajmowicz, H., Synoradzki, L., Wierzbicki, M., Wolinski, B., Wozniak, K., Zawada, K. [w:] Journal of Structural Chemistry (IF = 0.586), 54, 155-158, (2013)
  • Synthesis of functionalized diarylborinic 8-oxyquinolates via bimetallic boron-lithium intermediates
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Jastrzębski, L., Kurach, P., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., [w:] Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (IF = 2.384), 711, 1–9, (2012)
  • Borinic complexes – towards applications in functional materials
    Wesela-Bauman, G., Kurach P., Jastrzębski, L., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K. [w:] Acta Crystallographica (IF = 2.076), A67, C404–405, (2011)
  • Halogen–lithium exchange versus deprotonation: regioselective mono- and dilithiation of aryl benzyl sulfides. A simple approach to α,2-dilithiotoluene equivalents
    Kliś, T., Serwatowski, J., Wesela-Bauman, G., Zadrożna, M. [w:] Tetrahedron Letters (IF = 2.683), 51(13), 1685–1689, (2010 r.)


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